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Wincrest Shelties





Falling Stars ( i.e. )

Leaf    Leaf    Leaf

Leaf    Leaf    Leaf

Font used is "Bliss"

Font Color is #634433




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This set may also be customized to suite your needs.  Please "click here" for further details.

If you are looking for something "unique" or "special" and would like a custom-created graphic or photo for your site, please visit my Custom Graphics.

If you need help setting up the Tables, you may copy the codes from my "Source."  If you're not sure how to do this, please see "Frequently Asked Questions."

If you choose to use the "floating leaves," upload the leaves to your file directory.  You may copy the code from my "Source" (at the bottom of the page) but please give credit for the code to Dynamic Drive.

The music you are listening to is provided for your listening enjoyment only.  It does not come with the set.

Original Painting