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Love Is

 A searching soul, I lost my way, and stumbled Ďcross this path
Winding to and fro through forest, I thought I heard a laugh.
I stopped and listened--no one there, why were you heard, not seen?
The quiet stillness of Godís earth, among the evergreens.
Where was I going?  I had no clue; I traveled by pure faith
Knowing that someday would come, when solid forms from wraith.
Birds were chirping all around, sunlight peeked through leaves
Time was running past me, swift, like Ali Babaís Thieves.
I had to catch it, regain my stance, before this day was over
So I ran, and jumped the log--not quite--my head buried in clover.
My head I raised to shooting stars, like twinkling from your eyes
A smile so wide to swallow the sun, should come as no surprise.
Hair like fire, wafting down, a gift from God above
This time there could be no mistaking, what this was--itís love.
I didnít even know your name, I donít know where you live
But with His help, Iíll share with you, the things I have to give.
My heart, it pounded the forest floor, in time with each footstep
A broken branch, a snapping twig, for the promises I kept.
The whispering grew louder, as I approached the welcome glade
Drawing near, I felt the fear, at the edge of the world I made.
With one brave step, I plunged straight down, stopping short of the riverís edge
I knew I had to seek its source, over mountain, bush, or hedge.
The sun rose higher in the sky, as I reached the riverís base
The pooling liquid, effervescent, reflecting back your face.
Once more I felt it, warming me, pounding from above
Thereís no denying what it is--its simple name is love.
The hand of God; He touched my face, wet kisses in my hair 
I turned to see where He had gone, and found you standing there. 
Who got there first?  I had to know, your presence posing question
You didnít care, you took my hand, and whispered a suggestion.
My eyes lit up, Iíd heard the truth, Iíd do anything for you
Roses, candles, moonlit walks--just tell me what to do.
ďDiscovery,Ē she said at last, ďbe mine, my friend eternal
There is no greater gift than this, for love is a timeless journal.
Love is a many, splendored thing, it brings us peace of mind
Love keeps us strong the whole day long, love keeps us being kind.
Love will make no boundaries, love takes us to new depths
Love binds our souls together, and the promises weíve kept.
Love is ever growing, when we give more than we get
Love is understanding, like this time when we first met.
Love is unconditional, when we love and donít find fault
Love overlooks the little things, if our tongue will give it halt.
Love is sweet and tender, love speaks with loving words
Love says a thousand complements, love sings like tiny birds.
Love sacrifices what you want, love takes the smaller piece
Love stays at home in snuggling arms, loveís investment will increase.
Love speaks the truth with soft, kind words, love never tries to harm
Love keeps you close when others stray, love needs no revenge alarm.
Love keeps alive with I LOVE YOU, love can never say it enough
Love never falters through thick and thin, it stays when things get tough.
Love is all these things and so much more, just let your heart discover
And when I know you love me too, then I will be your lover.Ē
I thank you, God, You taught me love, You provided me with a guide
And if I let my love keep growing, she will always be by my side.
[Inspired by Ahís Waterfall]