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Can I Live With Regret?



 Each of us has a regret inside

Sometimes we wish that we could have died

But we don't; we live on

Though we stumble, trip, and fall


I regret breaking Cheryl's heart

I regret her keeping us apart

But who knew?  Thought I was led

To the dungeon, stabbed and bled


So when it came to take Thia's trip

I knew I couldn't let this one slip

She held on to all the wrong things

The only things lasting were the rings


So stayed I did with the one who was true

Stayed with the one who said, "I love you"

That was pretty hard, for a woman like her

At least my feelings did concur


Then an event slapped me around

My best friend's fate, sealed at the mound

There she was, over fourteen years

Catching up brought us both to tears.


An attractive girl, I never asked out

A pretty girl, who grew up in doubt

She cried for what we'd been through

Cried for regret, and then I knew


Happy to see him married again

Sad to see that it wasn't her

Eyes don't lie; they bare your soul

She's still in love, and it took its toll


This made me cry all over again

What if that was I sitting there?

Her secret shared; she asked, "Don't tell"

And now her hell is mine to bear


Could I live with such a regret?

Don't I do every day of my life?

The woman I love; just out of reach

Her best friend--but I want her my wife


She says, "Tomorrow we'll meet"

"Love me tomorrow, won't that be sweet?"

Tomorrow came; it's here and gone

Will she get it if I write her this song?


So now I'm asking, "What do I do?"

Do I wait forever for the one I love true?

Will she marry, anytime soon?

Or am I whistling to a different tune?


I know that she loves me

But does she love as much as I love her?

If I were she, I'd be there

But she's not; though I know she cares.


Can I live with regret?

A life without her; alone with her anyway

Or is there hope, will she ever come?

Will we win out, or am I just dumb?


Please, don't look in my eyes

Unless you're ready to join me there

My regrets; I need no more

I just need you; before it's four


[  Inspired by a temple trip and Shakira's Ojos Asi  ]